Sports Medicine / Athletic Training Facility

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Constructed in 2003, the RHS Athletic Training Facility (ATF) is a 1200 sq ft co-educational facility that serves the sports medicine needs of the Reedley High School athletes. Major service areas include an office, taping / bandaging area, injury evaluation / treatment area, wet room, rehabilitation / reconditioning area, ATSA (athletic training student aide) lockers, and storage room. Major equipment items include: computer / printer, telephone, file cabinets, (4) treatment tables, taping island, electrical muscle stimulator, ultrasound, mobile 8-pack hydrocollator unit, electric massage unit, ice machine (900 lb capacity), refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, large whirlpool with seating, mobile appendage whirlpool, (2) stationary bikes, Biodex Cable Column unit, stair stepper, Pro-Fit Upper Body Cycle, assorted rehab equipment, and several cabinets / counters for additional storage.  Also, there is one modified "golf" cart that is a dedicated beast of burden for the program.

Tour our Athletic Training Facility

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